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THERMOS is a free, web-based energy planning software that provides accurate heat and cold network options analysis instantly within one web-based, user-friendly tool. Developed by the THERMOS EU-funded project, the software is designed to optimise local district energy network planning processes and sustainable energy master planning to facilitate the deployment of new low-carbon heating and cooling systems and a fast upgrade, refurbishment, and expansion of existing systems.

The THERMOS tool allows users to:
  • identify optimal paths and connections for the expansion of an existing DHC network.
  • identify local heat demand and network paths to match a known energy source.
  • identify an optimal network solution to match available energy sources and demand.
  • assess the performance of potential DHC networks and a non-DHC solutions.

The optimal solution is defined according to criteria chosen by the user and the specified thermal energy planning problem.

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Hotmaps is a GIS-based online software that supports authorities and energy planners to set up a strategic heating and cooling plan for their region. The software was developed by the H2020 project Hotmaps to help authorities develop heating and cooling strategies on local, regional and national scale which are in line with RES and CO2-Emission targets on national and EU level.

The Hotmaps tool allows users to:
  • identify the location of current heating and cooling demand as well as supply on a map for EU27 + 1;
  • identify renewable energy potential to supply heating and cooling
  • identify waste heat potential from industrial facilities within a selected area;
  • estimate the potential for efficient district heating options within a selected area;
  • estimate and compare the costs of individual heating vs. district heating options within a selected area;
  • develop scenarios for decarbonisation pathways of heating and cooling.

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