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Heating and cooling (H&C) accounts for about half of Europe’s total energy needs, with 75% still dependent on fossil fuels. Thus, rapid and significant change is needed to reach the EU 2050 goals. Due to the local nature of H&C systems, action has to be taken at the local level, involving a variety of stakeholders. However, as strategic H&C planning requires extensive know-how, resources and experience, it is still in its infancy in most countries. This is where the Act!onHeat Support Facility comes in.

The Act!onHeat Support Facility aims to boost the optimisation of thermal systems by implementing an accelerated number of district H&C projects across Europe, enabling local authorities, utilities and industries to reach their decarbonisation goals. For this purpose, we have opened a Call for Application to all local and regional governments, energy agencies, and city planners interested in receiving strategical support to establish or improve their H&C infrastructure.

The Act!onHeat Support Facility offers participation and direct support for two different sets of support modules. You can choose which modules to request support for in the application form:

Overall, Act!onHeat will support up to:

•             120 municipalities will be supported to start, continue or improve strategic H&C planning;

•             30 pre-feasibility studies will be carried out for individual projects within the municipalities;

•             15 projects will benefit from an additional performance analysis and the development of financing options.

Applicants will be selected based on their ambition, interest, and needs. Once the relationship is established, clustered and individual advice will be given on planning, pre-feasibility and finance. Specifically, applicants will gain an exclusive access and insight to the H&C planning software Hotmaps and THERMOS, based on their need to realise or optimise a thermal system.

The application gathers all the necessary information to evaluate your application in terms of needs, interests, and capabilities.

Guidelines and selection criteria - Call for applications

Still have burning questions? More information can be found on the Support Facility FAQs page

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How can the Support Facility help?

Get a better understanding on how the Support Facility can provide municpalities with tools and assistance to start, complete or improve upon their district heating and cooling planning via our tutorial videos below.

AH SF2 video
AH SF2 video
AH CA video

Application Process

Below is the Support Facility application process at a glance: identifying the steps, tasks to be carried out, and timefreames.

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